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Mini IVF

Mini IVF

Minimal Stimulation In Vitro Fertilization Mini-IVF

Mini-IVF treatment is our trademarked minimal stimulation in vitro fertilization protocol. SART has recently endorsed minimal stimulation IVF for many of the reasons that we have been talking about for years. Like our Natural Cycle IVF, it is a holistic approach to fertility care and offers a gentle alternative to Conventional IVF. It differs from Natural Cycle IVF in its use of a minimal amount of oral medication which stimulates the ovaries so they produce the maximum number of “quality” eggs in a single cycle.

Only 3-5 high quality eggs are ideal for developing a healthy baby. When more aggressive IVF drug treatments are used (like with conventional IVF), although more eggs are produced, those beyond 3-5 are typically not viable and are either discarded prior to implantation or are prone to failing in a later natural miscarriage.
In general, medication for the Mini-IVF treatment includes one Clomid pill consumed daily, no more than one to three injections of Menopur, and a simple nasal spray of Synarel or an equivalent medicine administered 36 hours prior to egg retrieval. Synarel avoids the need for repeated progesterone injections, which are typically used after the transfer step in conventional IVF. However, because we customize protocols to each individual patient, treatment may vary from case to case. We also have Ultra-Mini-IVF cycles that consists of only oral stimulation medications –usually 1-2 pills per day.
Mini-IVF minimizes the amount of chemicals and drugs used in fertility treatment. Mini-IVF may increase the chances of pregnancy and may provide surplus embryos to freeze for a later cycle.
Mini-IVF may be the right fit for you if you are looking to reduce health risks and discomfort caused by ovarian hyper-stimulation (OHSS), to eliminate the pain of daily drug injections (which can be 20-60 per cycle), to reduce the high cost of drugs in conventional IVF protocols (see New Hope Fertility Center’s low IVF fees), to avoid the wait time of two to three months between cycles, and to minimize the potential risk of ovarian and endometrial cancer from prolonged use of high-dose IVF drugs.
New Hope Fertility Center promotes a single-embryo strategy (unless otherwise requested by the patient) to avoid the health risks of multiple pregnancies. The pregnancy success rates for our Mini-IVF treatment (an average of 1.1 embryos are transferred in each cycle) is competitive with the success rate produced with conventional IVF, where usually 2-3 embryos are transferred in each IVF cycle. Please see the chart below which compares what you can expect from Conventional IVF vs. Mini-IVF treatments.
New Hope Fertility Center’s Mini-IVF protocols are gentle, natural, and successful. Our clinic is recognized globally as a leading pioneer for this treatment and we are in the midst of publishing a comparison paper between minimal stimulation and conventional IVF as a follow up to prior publications on the advantages to minimal stimulation. Learn more about whether or not you might be a good candidate for Natural Cycle IVF.

At WINGS, IVF clinic in India we are offering Mini IVF treatment

  • Young couples comes when all reports are Normal with bilateral tubal block
  • PCOS patient with male factor
  • Very young couple who do not want to going IUI