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IVF with donor embryos

Why donor embryos are needed?

  • When wife & husband are unable to produce egg & sperm respectively.
  • Genetic disease in both partner

“WINGS Designer Baby concept”

Step 1: Consultation & counselling

When couple is unable to produce egg or sperms they require embryo donation.At WINGS we have designer baby concept where we will prepare embryo by choosing anonymous egg donor & anonymous sperm donor from the egg bank & sperm bank & maintaining their body resemblance as well as other status they required, called “designer baby concept”.

  • Blood reports of husband & wife
  • Financial Counselling
  • Anonymous both donor partner gamete selection

Step 2:Embryo will be formed at WINGS by

Egg Collection

Sperm Selection

Sperm insertion in the egg by ICSI

Embryo formation

Freeze the embryo

Step 3:

  • Female patient will be called at 2nd/3rd day of menses.
  • Uterine lining drug will be prescribed
  • 1st follow up on 14th day of menses

Step 4:

  • Embryo formation
  • Embryo will be grown in IVF lab. We grow only blastocyst (day 5)

Step 5:

Embryo Transfer

Step 6: After procedure:

Results always >75% with donor eggs