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19 January 2019

Why unexplained infertility is increasing so much?

As we know, to form an embryo naturally, it requires one egg and one sperm and normal efficient environment in the body.

Why unexplained infertility is increasing so much?

Efficiency of sperm DNA, is a very important parameter for successful pregnancy. Genetically some inefficiency from birth in testes will produce defective less efficient sperm having less efficiency to create embryo.Lifestyle disorder which include unhealthy atmosphere, excessive stress, unhealthy food habits like tobacco and alcohol, smoking, pollution,pesticides and radiation directly affect fertility levels. Because of permanent damage from the above levels, unexplained infertility is seeing a steep increase.With the female part, Age is a major factor. After 30 years of age, their DNA become weaker year on year. Uterus and tubes, if damaged by infection than again it leads to fertility issues .

So to know your fertility power specially in female when age is less than 32 years, they need to check AMH levels through a blood test and try to plan pregnancy.

For Male semen analysis, DNA fragmentation test of semen and more than five years of active marriage life are the deciding factor for fertility power.

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