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3 January 2019

Why is Male Infertility increasing drastically as compare to Female Infertility?

According to the the literature, main reason is lifestyle which includes late work, more hour work in a day & Target which Male infertility increasing drastically as compare to female in today’s era.

Main reason is lifestyle which includes late working hours, erratic food habits, stress, etc. Pollution and pesticide in food highly affect the sperm production. Radiation emitted by gazettes like mobiles and laptops are extremely harmful for fertility health as well.

All of the above factors affect the production and therefore ejaculated semen sample will have less count & motility(morphology). This disturbs or indirectly damage the DNA in the sperm nucleus called fragmentation of DNA which can be identified by DNA Fragmentation index test.

Technique called MACS, basically separates old aged sperms called apoptic sperm to an adherent column of MACS and you will get young and least DNA fragmented.

IMSI stands as the gold standard for sperm selection. It magnifies the sperm by 6000 x and helps in the best sperm selection technique for IVF.

At present Double density gradient method and IMSI is a way forward in IVF. MACS is still debatable.

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