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24 October 2018

What are the latest trends in infertility management?

The most important and critical advancement is “only day 5 embryo transfer with freeze more strategy”

• As at WINGS, we promote own egg pregnancy in any difficult situation through latest trends in infertility. As mentioned earlier, embryo freezing in advance maternal age (>35y) is the answer. We have to decide clinically whether we do it with or without PGT which is another current advancement option to increase the results.

• Currently, egg freezing has also passed the experimental stage. Egg freezing is a good option specially in women detected with any cancer and also for young unmarried women with endometriosis and women who want to plan pregnancy at advance age.

• Ovarian Tissue cryo preservation will be also possible in the near future.

• Before going for surrogacy option, platelets rich plasma(PRP) and stem cell therapy are possible treatments in very thin uterine lining with multiple ivf failures.

• We offer a Kid's embryo scoring software that helps in better embryo selection and thereby will promote more of single embryo transfer in young patients without the use of high end techniques.

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