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12 January 2019

True Facts of IVF treatment in today’s era.

I m sharing my personal experience today that to make sure that certain wrong things are not implemented in IVF treatments.

Polycystic ovary patient with one time ovarian hyper stimulation should not happen in today’s era. Because of the previous hyper stimulation patient should not accept egg donation.Early move towards IVF treatment is a future in PCOS patients.

Limit number of IUI to not more than 3 attempts.When patient is having 0 count in semen analysis, they should not accept sperm donation straight forward without biopsy. 50 percent men can retrieve sperm. Micro Tesa and Micro Pesa is the latest advancement in technology.

Transferring embryos repeatedly will not improve pregnancy rate. Repeated trials is not the way forward. Money binding scheme are non scientific and will promote more of unnecessary egg donation.

Don’t accept egg donation quickly at any low AMH levels. It is challenging to give pregnancy at any low AMH but it requires experience and technology.

Don’t accept egg donation before 40 to 45 years of age. Centres like WINGS have good experience to deliver better pregnancy rates at advance maternal age with own eggs.

More embryos number will not improve pregnancy rate. Single embryo transfer is our aim to reduce twin pregnancy complications.

Above discussion concludes that more than 80 percent pregnancy can be delivered without using third party donation if you utilise a strategy where trial is not the way forward.

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