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14 March 2019

Issues in management of Advanced maternal age related fertility treatments.

  • 36 years and above patients are considered as advanced maternal age patients.
  • One egg has 4.5% capacity to generate into an embryo. So collecting more eggs is the only way forward which may require more than 1 egg retrieval.
  • As embryo biopsy is the prime requirement to find out healthy embryo, there is a need to freeze all the embryo at day 5.
  • Even the embryo is genetically tested, it will never implant in 55-65% cases in normal uterine lining. So only PGT-A shall not suffice.
  • Combination of PGT and ERA, which highlights the personalized implantation window period should be carried out in advanced maternal age cases.
  • Therefore, Advanced Maternal age= Day 5 Embryo + PGT-A + Freeze all + ERA

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