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10 April 2019

How can we treat zero sperm count...???

Male Infertility increased day by day in which out of 50-100 percent of patients can get pregnancy by their own sperm.

2 variety can be seen in the population :

1) problem in production

2) travelling obstruction

Maximum result and confidence can be explained to those who are having obstruction.which means there will be a obstruction from testis to ejaculation in the travelling component.

So Doctor can obtain sperm by small needle aspiration. In difficult condition we can do Micro Tessa to retrieve best sperm.The most difficult scenario is problem in production. Our strong belief is to give minimum two month medical management on the basis of testosterone and estrogen.

25-30 percent can retrieve healthy sperm by a technique MicroTessa if required.we offer only Day 5 transfer and PGS & ERA in a recurrent failure and previous two abortion cases.