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Therapeutic Egg Freezing

What is Therapeutic Egg Freezing?

Girls/Women who are suffering from cancer and have to undergo chemotherapy and radiotherapy can get their eggs frozen. Over 50000 reproductive age women are diagnosed with cancer each year. As chemotherapy and radiotherapy are toxic for oocytes and in these therapies the ovary can be damaged so egg freezing offers women with cancer to preserve their eggs to utilize them in attempt to have children in the future.

  • Cancer: Chemotherapy and othercancer treatments typically interfere with and sometimes end fertility. Reproductive cancers might lead to the removal of a woman’s ovaries.

Egg freezing might help reduce the impact of some cancer treatments on fertility.

  • Infections, organ failure, and other health concerns: A wide range of health problems can harm egg quality and fertility, such as endometriosis, a condition that causes uterine tissue to grow outside of the womb.

Freezing eggs offers hope to women who are receiving treatment for a serious illness that may reduce fertility.

As a woman grows older, the quality of her eggs tends to decline.

The eggs may contain more chromosomal abnormalities, and women will no longer ovulate after menopause. This means that her ovaries will cease to release eggs.

If a woman wants a child but is not able or ready to conceive at the present time, a dedicated facility can freeze her eggs for use at a later date.

Steps will be common in both: Social egg freezing & Therapeutic egg freezing.



Before beginning the egg-freezing process, counselling of patient is done and screening blood test is advised like AMH (anti mullerian hormone) and viral markers (HIV, HBSAG, HCV, VDRL).


During a normal menstrual cycle only one follicle is produced by ovaries but since we want to preserve as many eggs as possible. Ovaries are stimulated with injections to produce multiple eggs. These are used in conjunction with drugs like antagonist for proper regulation of the cycle.


These scans are done regularly to assess follicular development. The size of the follicles indicates the degree of egg maturity, usually 10-15 follicles will develops in the ovaries during standard stimulation protocol.


All the instructions prior to the oocytes retrieval or egg pickup will be given on the day women receives trigger injection. The trigger injection is usually given late evening or in the night so as to schedule the pickup in morning around 34-36 hrs later. Aspiration of ovarian follicles under anaesthesia is done in OT adjacent to the IVF laboratory. This is done by trans-vaginal ultrasound technique. For this procedure a probe is inserted in to vagina and this project a picture into a monitor which enables the doctor to direct a needle into each follicle to retrieve the eggs. The fluid filled follicles are aspirated under slight suction in a test tube which is passed on to the embryologist.


The embryologist locates the Egg and places them into culture media and then into the incubator. After the procedure the women will have to rest in hospital for 3-4 hours. It is a day care procedure.

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